What’s wrong with charging your phone?

what's wrong with charging your phone

When buying a smartphone, one of the top priorities that people look for are phones with the best battery life. This is reasonable because nobody wants their device to be dead during a critical trip or before an afternoon lunch break. However, I am starting to wonder whether we are becoming too critical of our expectations. So really, what’s wrong with charging your phone?

I’m disgusted because it’s 4:00 PM in the afternoon and I have to put my phone on the charger to get some extra juice before I head out for tonight. But come to think of it, what’s so inconvenient about charging my phone when I am surrounded by chargers? If I’m home, I’m near a charger. While I’m driving, I’m near a charger. If I’m at work, I’m near a charger. So what’s the problem with taking advantage of all these opportunities to charge while they are near me? Yes, we could probably talk about battery degradation from constantly charging, but I never keep phones long enough for that to be a problem. And I’m not advocating to go out your way and become a wall hugger, but you really should not be complaining about charging your phone if it’s not an inconvenience to do so.

That’s the problem though, we make charging an inconvenience for ourselves. We like to ignore that battery indicator and procrastinate to the last possible minute before we realize that we should have been charging an hour ago. Then, when we absolutely need to leave we realize that it’s too late to charge and our battery (which would have made it through the night) doesn’t have enough energy to do so at its current state.

Of course, there’s still valid concern about battery life when you’re going to spend all day in an environment with no access to an outlet. However, if that is not the case then do yourself a favor and just charge your phone.