Run any OS on Chromebook

If Chrome OS is not fulfilling your needs, all hope isn’t lost. You can run any OS on a Chromebook as long as it has an x86 processor (Chromebooks with an Intel Processor). That means you can run Windows on your Chromebook or even run Mint Linux on your Chromebook.

You will need to have developer mode enabled on your Chromebook

Run Any OS on Chromebook

In order to run any OS on your Chromebook, you will have to enable the legacy bios with USB booting. Luckily, the developer over at developed a simple script that will install replace your existing bios with the legacy bios and enables USB booting. To get started, open up your terminal by holding down CRTL + ALT + T. Inside of terminal, type in shell. Then type in the following to download and execute the script:

cd; curl -LO && sudo bash

On the following screen that appears, type in to execute the first option which is to Install/Update RW_LEGACY Firmware. Then type in to confirm the option.

USB Booting

If you executed the above, then USB booting will already be enabled. All you have to do is insert a bootable USB into your Chromebook. When you turn on your Chromebook and get to the recovery screen (the white warning screen that displays once you enabled developer mode) hold down CRTL + L to bring up your boot options. You should then see an option to boot from your USB device.



2 thoughts on “Run any OS on Chromebook

  1. Hay Dave, Is their a way to create a bootable image using Chromebook? I’ve got the Win10 insider as well as Linux Mint that i’d like to boot off SD/Flash Drive unfortunately Chromebook is what I am currently using and I don’t have access to a normal windows computer. The ones at a local library wont allow installation of software/programs. All the other things i’ve found on the app store for chrome don’t seem to help either.

  2. Hey Dave, Is there a way to get it to accept google play apps Without going through the hastle of using a arc welder all the time? Just wondering. Thanks in advance. You can email me if you want. I would like the answer written because. It hard to follow along all the time when you have to switch from caption video to the whatever it have to be done on the computer.

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