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So let’s say that you bought a Chromebook and realized just how limiting Chrome OS can be, or perhaps you are perfectly content with Chrome OS but want to do a little more with it.  Whatever your situation may be, I am here to inform you that you can run Windows 10 on your Chromebook. Yes, I am talking about a complete and nearly functional version of Windows 10. In my quick time of using it, I was able to download and play League of Legends (unbearable frame rate though) watch a couple of YouTube videos and use a few lightweight programs. Now I can’t guarantee you that this solution will provide you with a nice Windows netbook. For one, there are a couple driver issues, mainly the keyboard and track pad. Interestingly, someone is working on a fix to get it working. So for now you will need to depend on an external keyboard and mouse.

To do this is fairly simple. Before we begin though, you will need to make sure that you have developer mode enabled along with the legacy bios. Check my tutorial if you have not done so. Also, we are going to completely wipe Chrome OS, so backup anything that you might want to save. And one last thing, this will only work on Chromebooks running an x86 processor (such as the Intel powered Chromebooks). So here’s how to install Windows 10 on Chromebook.

**If this method is not working for you, or you want to completely get rid of Chrome OS entirely, check out this tutorial.**

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Preperation

First, download the Windows 10 iso and install it to a flash drive using the Rufus program. For partition scheme, make sure you select MBR for Bios or UEFI.


Step 2:  Boot

Make sure your Chromebook is powered off, and connected to an external power source. Connect the flash drive to your Chromebook, then power it on. Press CRTL + L on the developer screen to bring up the legacy bios. Hit escape to see the boot options then choose your flash drive from the boot devices.

os verificationboot menu

Step 3: Installing Windows

From this point, you will need to make sure that you connect an external mouse and keyboard so that you can navigate around the system. The first order of business is to completely wipe Chrome OS from the disk. On the Windows installation screen go to repair.



Go to troubleshoot, advanced and select command prompt. Type in the following:


List Disk

Select Disk 0 (this could be different depending on your setup, but most likely will be 0)


command prompt

This will format your drive. Then type in exit to exit disk part, and type in exit again to exit command prompt. Then reboot your Chromebook.

Step 4: Finishing Up

After your chromebook reboots, go back to the legacy bios and boot from the flash drive again. From this point on, you can install Windows just like a normal installation. Wifi should be functional. If you are on an Acer C720 and you need aduio to work, download and install this driver. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below.

install windows install windows install windows


70 thoughts on “Install Windows 10 on Chromebook

  1. You told me to get the Rufus file so it would be easier to USB Boot, so I got that. But it’s a .exe file. how am I supposed to use it if I can’t even open the file in the first place?

  2. hey david big fan of your work and this helped me a lot but just one thing frustrates me i did everything you said to do so i got into windows great but when i logged off in other words shut down pc i thought i did everything right but it turns out when i boot back in to windows i see the windows logo and its loading and then it just sits there with a light screen so i have tried to re-install it but it then it was working for a couple of times then it did it again and here i am so please reply when you can i will be waiting. by the way i have a acerC720 as well

  3. Hi, everything work great, also works for Windows 8.1, all over a HP Chromebook. But, I can’t get the keyboard/touchpad work. Do you have any solution for this?

  4. ok this hasn’t worked for me yet. i followed your steps exactly and watched the vid, but after the installing windows screen is finished running, i run into problems. Do i need a product key for this to work? Do i need to download the 64 bit instead of the 32? I would really appreciate some help please!

  5. I will need Windows 10 Technical Preview. What do you mean? Is it a download or what? I can’t download it. Help me understand this part. I have Rufus 2.3 just not the windows 10 technical preview i think.

  6. Just one question, I upgraded my Acer C910’s SSD to 256GB, so I could make a partition to do this? I mean, having Chrome OS and Win 10 at the same time?

  7. hi
    i have acer chrome book c730 NX.MRCEK.003 i am trying to install windows 10 in it but its not ….. i tried the tutorial as u provided but its not going to boot options when i press Ctrl+L its just giving me a beep.

      1. This is a common thing with hardwired Chromebook, in this case you need to install a custom rom+ remove a screw on the motherboard of your Chromebook to make the Firmware writeable. Please look up where your write protect screw is on your specific model.

    1. The problem is probably because you don’t have SeaBIOS on your Chromebook. Go to for more info…

      Then after you enable SeaBIOS, you need to enable Legacy and can do Ctrl+L. I had the same problem as you. I spent hours trying to fix it and this worked. 😀

      Hope this helps.

    2. you have to open up a crosh shell and type shell then type sudo su then type crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1

  8. Hi I have the same problem as JOJO thegamer42, but when I try reinstalling windows from the USB my mouse and keyboard always stop working as soon as I get to the first windows installation screen (where you select language). Any suggestions?

  9. what if i install windows os while write protection is enable, what will happen? i already did the disabling the hardware in mainboard but still enable.. pls need asap.. thanks.

  10. please someone reply i got everything through except when they ask for language at the start of installation i can’t use my USB mouse or USB keyboard
    Thank You

  11. I got Acar ( intel inside) laptop with chrome OS installed, can someone help me with process to change chrome OS to wind 7 64bit?

  12. When I boot Windows 10 iso from flash drive on my Chromebook, it says that there is a problem with my computer and then it restarts (blue screen). It’s not bringing me up to Windows installation screen. What do I do?

  13. I have installed windows 10 on my hp chromebook 14 g4.
    Only thing that i can´t get working is the touchpad. I have tried to install the crostouchpad drivers. I can´t se the touch pad in the device manager…..
    I have googling and read a lot of forums but i haven´t found a solution yet.
    So i starting to think that it never will work with windows 10 on a hp chromebook 14 g4.
    Anyone having a working hp chromebook 14 g4 with windows 10 installed.
    Anyone that can guide me installing the driver manually in device manager??
    Thanks in advance

  14. Hello,

    Can someone help, I have Tiny7.iso (A mini windows 7) and I have done everything on Rufus, I am just wondering if this will work?

  15. When i get to the boot menu i only see the windows logo and then it all blacks out and i dont get anything please help

  16. when i want to download and run the script it says that the script must be run on a 64 bit os is there a other link to an 32 bit version or is it just not possible

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