How to Root Any Android Device

Root any device

There are some things in life that sound too good to be true. However, this isn’t one of them.  George Hortz, a hacker made famous by his iOS jailbreaks and PlayStation hacks has managed to root the Verizon Galaxy S5. So why should you care? Well, he used a recently discovered exploit found in all Linux kernels that were built prior to June 3rd. So in theory (and in practice) his app should work on any Android device that has a kernel build date prior to June 3rd. Now, this isn’t going to work on newer HTC or Motorola devices because of a locked system partition (damn you HTC and Motorola) but it should work with almost any other device. For more details check out the thread here. So here’s how to root any android device:

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Make Sure Your Device is Compatible

The kernel build date on your device has to be before June 3rd.  To check your kernel build number go to settings – about phone. Then look at the build date.

Build Date
I’m using a custom kernel (I’m already rooted), but my build date is passed June 3rd. Chances are if you’re still completely stock then your build date will be earlier.

Step 2: Rooting

Now time to root.  Navigate to the site listed above ( and click on the lamba sign to down the apk. When installing it you might get a warning about Google saying that it could open up exploits and cause harm (well, no duh…we’re rooting) just ignore and continue. Once the installation completes, open up the app and hit the Make it Rain button. It will reboot your device and you will be rooted. To verify that you’re rooted, use the app root checker. You are going to have to download a Superuser manager though, so I recommend downloading SuperSU.

**If the website says that your device is unsupported, it might just be because it’s not in the database. Use Modstrings to fix that:**

Make it rain


21 thoughts on “How to Root Any Android Device

  1. has this been tested on google nexus 5 with the 4.4.4 android update. Plus dose the fastboot loader need to be unlocked don’t want to have to mess around with trying to fix my phone memory. If so have any super free apps that can back up your whole phone without root.

    1. I personally haven’t tried it on 4.4.4, but it should work. Give it a try 🙂 And no, this doesn’t unlock your phone, it just roots it.

    1. You don’t need to. If u fail then you aren’t rooted… End of story. Once u cut off the comp then you cut the possible errors

  2. It says my phone isn’t supported…my kernel version date thing says December of LAST YEAR…why isn’t this working? I have a Moto G from aio wireless. Any ideas on how to get root?

    Also, dude, I love ur videos on YouTube.

  3. Nothing works to root….jail break the new irulu tablet x10android4.4.2.
    Towlroot…even with different codes…..maste root….frame…..
    Every way to root has failed.

    Thank kitkat for taking flash away.

    Any ideas anyone….

  4. The kernel build date is aug22….I guess this is why root doesn’t work.

    Also, I guess it was adobe that abandoned flash for our mobile tablets…not kitkat operating system….written in error

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