How to install Chrome OS on PC

I recently came to the realization that Chrome OS is in some ways a perfect operating system. No, I swear I’m not taking any hallucinogens. Here is a scenario that really opened my mind. I have an aunt who uses a basic low spec PC running Windows XP. All she does is check her email and check Facebook once per day, and that’s it. Unfortunately, her PC barely meets the requirements to run Windows XP effectively and is constantly cluttered from maleware, Trojans, etc. So after thinking, I came to the conclusion that Chrome OS would be perfect for her. After all, it’s an operating system focused around the web browser, so she’ll still have access to everything she needs on the web. In addition, due to the nature of Chrome OS, it would be very difficult compared to Windows to get infected with malware, adware and viruses. Of course, installing Android on a PC is another alternative.

Now before we get started, there is one technicality that must be discussed. Chrome OS is a closed source operating system. There is no way that you are going to be able to run that on any hardware (let alone get a hold of it). Its open source counter-part is called Chromium OS. If you have an Ubuntu desktop, you can build it yourself or use any of the pre-built images found here. So here’s how to install chrome os on pc:

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Bootable USB

First, download and extract the Chrome OS image file. Then burn it to your USB using Win32Disk imager.

Install Chrome OS to PC - Win32

Step 2: Booting

On your computer or laptop, make sure to boot from the USB. It should take you into the Chromium setup screen. From this point, you can set up your account and keep Chromium running from your USB.

Install Chrome OS to PC - SetupInstall Chrome OS to PC - Desktop

Install to your Hard Drive (optional):

On the Chrome Login screen your four account, type in CRTL + ALT + F2 (forward arrow) to bring up the console window. For the login, type in chronos. Then type in the following:


That should install Chromium to your hard drive. It will ERASE EVERYTHING.

If the above command fails, try typing in sudo bash then retyping in the command.

47 thoughts on “How to install Chrome OS on PC

  1. hi, I’m kind of a noob in this department, but I don’t know how to boot from the USB. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. hi, dave my chrome don’t see any ethernet or wifi adapter but i have an ethernet cable plugged in but without internet i can’t go next

    have you any idea greets, wesley

  3. How good do you thing an HP Mini 210 would run this? I have one laying around and need a pc asap for college but Windows 7 Starter is just really slow…

    1. You don’t have enough RAM for Chrome OS to run smoothly. I recommend Lubuntu. It will run great on your PC and should work really well for College. You can use Google Docs or Libre Office for your documents and such.

  4. I tried this and it failed, but that is not the issue. I used a 16GB flash drive for this, and when I try to re format it, it will only let me use 1.18GB of it. PLEASE HELP! That thing was expensive.

      1. Open the Disk Management application by typing “diskmgmt.msc” into the “Run..” dialog window (located in the Start menu). You can also simply type “diskmgmt.msc” into the Windows Start menu Search box.

        Right-click the inserted USB flash drive within the lower half of the Disk Management window. Select “Delete Partition.” Click “Yes” when prompted, for confirmation.

        Repeat Step 3 for any additional partition on the USB drive.

        Right-click the unallocated space on the USB flash drive within Disk Management and select “New Partition.” Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts in the New Partition Wizard. Set the Partition to “Logical.” Set the partition size to take advantage of the entire drive, included the newly unallocated space.

        Format the drive using the “Fat32” file system for maximum compatibility. Name the new partition and select “Next,” and “Finish” to create the new partition. Once the partition completes, any space that was once taken up by the manufacturer’s included software will now be available for you to use.

  5. Hi – quick and easy tutorial, thanks. On attempting to install to hdd, chronos login is asking for a password. I’ve never set one. Any ideas?


  6. I just put chromium on but it won’t recognize any of my wifi networks. What is the use of having chromium without internet? Any suggestions?

  7. I have a problem, on my Dell Inspiron 1545, the wifi wont work. I will enter the setup and I cant’t go past it because it says No networks available, and I do have wifi.

  8. wifi is an issue. seems the install is unable to switch the wifi on tried it on a dell, acer and Compaq pc all with the same issue.
    seems this is a big problem I wouldn’t bother installing this until they sort the issue out.

    1. I had a similar problem, so I connected via ethernet to get a network connection,THEN connected to wifi, and it persisted on reboot without ethernet cable connection.

  9. i have a problem with installing chromium on my c disc. Under localhost i put in chronos but i dont know what to put in under password (i have tried everything i can remember)… Please HELP!

      1. first do “fdisk -l” to list your hdd/partitions. when you have you hdd/partition info (ex. /dev/sda1) you can try install with –dev option: “/usr/sbin/chromos-install –dst /dev/sda1” . good luck

  10. In which partition it’ll be installed? Will it erase the whole hard drive (with all it’s partitions)?

  11. its not letting me type anything in on the password to install this and erase windows. it lets me put login than password comes up than it doesn’t show my any letters as i type please help

  12. i got it to work but I’m getting an error says.. cannot determine destination device specify –dst yourself

  13. Do i really need a 8gb usb if im going to install it on my laptop all the other os only need 4gb (not exactly all but almost)

  14. I’m planning on doing this and I happened to notice a mistake…
    “On the Chrome Login screen your four account,”
    “your four”
    Might want to fix that.
    Great guide though.

  15. Does installing chrome os on laptop erase everything other than system drive also?
    For this reason only I’m hesitating to install it on my laptop.

  16. I see the same thing as Katie, Ive done the install to the HDD and rebooted without the USB stick and it boot to the same Chromium splash screen. Any suggestions?

  17. I was able to boot off of the USB just fine, but I am trying to use this on a large touch screen there is no touch at all. Do you know how to make that work? Thanks.

  18. It thinks that my PC is a laptop and won’t let me do anything without a wi-fi connection. Everything else works great.

  19. I have usb wifi adapter. Special build doesn’t recognize it. Ubuntu does and I have cd with linux drivers. How to make chromium work with it? Thanks.

  20. I burned the CARMOS-20170930010101.img file onto the USB drive, and when I try to open the USB drive, it says it will need to be formatted. So I can’t boot from the USB drive. Help!

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