Connect Android to Ethernet

Do you want to get the fastest speed available on your Android device? Sure, LTE is fast and all but you’re hit with really small data caps. WiFi doesn’t impose the same limitations, but the speed is never consistent. So why not just connect Android to Ethernet?

Luckily, Android Marshmallow comes to the rescue. Android Marshmallow introduces new drivers that allow you to connect your Android device directly to an Ethernet cable without needing root! So far I tested this on my Nexus 5X and it worked without any problems. Let’s check out how to connect Android to Ethernet:

What You’ll Need:

To do this, connect your Ethernet cable to the USB to Ethernet adapter.

USB to Ethernet

Then connect the adapter to the USB OTG cable, and connect that USB OTG cable to your phone.


You should see the Ethernet icon in the upper right hand corner.

Android Ethernet

Now, all your data (including games, video, downloads, etc) will go through the Ethernet connection. Run a speed test to make sure that you are getting your full internet speed.

Speed Test - Android Ethernet

12 thoughts on “Connect Android to Ethernet

  1. Htc m9 NOt supported (marshmallow update OS 6.0)
    I have Plugable Lan Cable and OTG Cable.But Not Connect 🙁 Any Tips ?

  2. I have connected my Xperia Z5 premium which was running on Android 5, using the same method, with an OTG cable from Sony and USB to Ethernet connector from In the Data Usage section under Options, there was even a separate tab for Ethernet, in addition to Wifi, Sim1 and Sim2, to show how much data is used through Ethernet.

    Not all the data traffic was allowed through Ethernet though – I noticed that the regular browsing, App updates from Google Play store etc. was working through Ethernet. However, the system updates (such as the Marshmallow upgrade) was downloaded only through wifi.

    However, after upgrading to Marshmallow, it is no more working – no connectivity through Ethernet, and no menu item “Ethernet” in the Data Usage section.

    Requested Sony to get this feature back, but no response from them so far. This was totally disappointing.

  3. Hi. Thnx for the post. I hv Nexus 5. The procedure works in my office but not with my home Ethernet. Home Ethernet has working net connection. Any idea?

  4. After I make this connection successfully, will my phone take internet
    thru (LTE> OTG> Adapter> RJH45> External wifi router) sim and deliver thru RJ45 or
    vice versa (i.e. will take internet signal thru RJ45> Converter>
    OTG cable>mobile?)?

    Pls tell. What I want that phone should connect to intetnet thru LTE
    mobile towers and then deliver internet over RJ45 to my wifi router.

  5. Anyone have a solution that would allow me to use my LG K10 or V20 (or any T-mobile cell phone) as a stationary portal and connect through the USB port on the phone directly to router Ethernet input port ? I want to use dump My present broadband ISP (Centurylink) and use the unlimited 4G thru my phone to connect to my wifi router that would allow me use my existing hardwired network to computers scattered all over my house & outbuildings. If it matters, my router system is a UniFi system from Ubiquiti.
    I see adapters are plentiful from mini USB to Ethernet….but are there apps developed to accomplish this or ways to configure a cell phone to output internet out the USB port instead of using hotspot tethering ?

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