Best Paranoid Android Features

Paranoid Android is by far one of my favorite custom roms.. It provides a stock like experience with added functionality. Each month the PA team has added a new signature feature to this amazing rom. So here’s a look at some of the best paranoid android features.

Dynamic System Bars:

The newest feature found on Paranoid Android is Dynamic System bars. DSB allows you to tint your status and navigation bars to the color of the foreground app. This allows you to have a completely imersive feel when launching different apps. It’s still in an early beta so it might cause some lag on your device.

Recent Apps

Another fairly new item found in PA is the new recent menu, based off of Android L. The PA time has miraculously managed to create their own version of the sliding actions cards that was previewed in the Android L developer preview. I’m a huge fan of the new recents. It’s modern, quick and clean. A little confusing at first, but in time you easily get use to it. There are still a few bugs to be worked out without but for the most part it’s stable enough to use.


The third signature feature of PA is hover. Hover allows you to open notifications in a small standalone window. This works regardless of where you’re at in your phone. Watching videos or playing games, it’s all a click away.


I don’t really use Peak so often, but it’s a thing to have. Peak is sort of like the active notifications found on the Moto X. With Peak, your phone will notify you of any notifications if you pick up your device within 10 seconds of receiving the notification. Some days, it works better than others, but still nice to have it as an option.

Theme Engine

Finally, the feature that I absolutely love the most is the Theme Engine. The paranoid android theme engine allows you to customize almost any part of your device. You can change your icons system wide, get a new skin, different navigation buttons, and the list goes on. You can mix and match skins or purchase a full set from the Google play store. Honestly, the Theme engine is one of the best parts of Paranoid Android for me.
Which feature is your favorite?

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