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Let’s face it. Even at max volume, sometimes the speaker on your phone just isn’t loud enough (Yes, I’m looking at you Nexus 5).  However, you could digitally raise the maximum volume that the speaker allows itself to go to. This will require a rooted android device and could run the risk of damaging your speakers if you go too high, so be warned.

What You will Need:

Step 1: Mounting the System

Open up ES file explorer and enable the root explorer.  Then tap on the root explorer tab and a menu will pop up.  Select the Mount R/W tab and mount both system and / as r/w.

Root Explorer Mounting System Enabling Root

Step 2: Locating the mixer_paths.xml

Now, navigate to /System/etc and open up the mixer_paths.xml with ES note editor.  Before you start making changes, go up into the settings and select edit on the file.

Mixer Paths file

Step 3: Changing the Speaker Volume

To change the speaker volume, look for the line RX7 Digital Volume under the Path name= Speaker and change the value to whatever you desire.  (Going over 95 has the potential of blowing your speaker though).

Changing Speaker Volume

Step 4: Changing the Headphone Volume

To change the headphone volume,  look for the lines:

<ctl name=”HPHL Volume” /

<ctl name=”HPHR Volume” />

Change the values to 20.  Don’t go beyond 20.  You can also change the RX1 and RX2 values to something like 85, once again, don’t go beyond 95.

Change headphone Volume

Afterwards, reboot and you should notice an increase in volume.  Feel free to play around with the other volume settings found in the mixer_paths.xml, just make sure you have a backup and not to blow out your speaker! Android Boost speaker volume success!

6 thoughts on “Android Boost Speaker Volume

        1. Never did find the software solution, but finally bought an M-Audio BassTraveler through Amazon (it’s a post earphone socket amplifier), and it works superbly, plenty of extra volume and selectable bass boost, from nil, to medium and full extra bass. A very simple unit. Cost about £20 in 2015.ccb.

  1. Yo D! Any chance you can hook me up with a copy (or a method to find) of the file for a LG l70 ms323. I was a dumbass and edited the system/etc/mixer_paths.xml file without a proper backup.

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