Adobe Flash Player Android Lollipop

Adobe Flash Player Android Lollipop:

At one time, Android fully supported adobe flash player. However, official support ended by the time KitKat was released (though there were still a few hacks that you could use to get it). Of course, HTML5 video players are the preferred option, but unfortunately, there are some porn sites that still rely heavily on adobe flash content.


Well, if you have an Android device running Lollipop you can now access the flash content once more. It’s all thanks to a new update to the Dolphin browser that adds support for the flash plugin. Yes, actual support. It doesn’t send it to some absurd server to process it, then return it back to you like some other browser out there. Here’s a real quick guide on how to install adobe flash player on Android lollipop.

What You’ll Need:

All you need to do is navigate to a website that requires adobe flash. Here¬†is a list of some of the best flash websites. install flashOnce you go there, you should get prompted to download and install adobe flash player. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go. The performance works surprisingly well, especially considering that it is not officially supported. Once again, HTML5 is still the way to go, but this is a good alternative.





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