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Welcome. If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Dave Bennett. I spend most of my free time creating content for my YouTube channel and this website . I started my YouTube channel at age 14 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their Android smartphones. At the time, Android was still very new and besides the Motorola droid, no one understood the potential of Android smartphones. It was a rough beginning in the YouTube world (and arguably still is), but overtime I gained a substantial amount of subscribers and viewers. Honestly, at the end of the day it’s my audience who really inspire me. They are the ones watching my content and giving me feedback. Without them, there would be no point in doing YouTube.
Besides doing YouTube, I’m also a Computer Science undergraduate with a special interest in communications. I have developed a couple of Android apps and I also like to make short films. Above all, I’m just a passionate person with a lot of ambition.

If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.  I might not reply immediately (or within a week) but I usually at least glance over each email.

12 thoughts on “About Dave Bennett

  1. Can you please help with this error I get when I start Steam games on my chromebook, the error looks like this when I start a game: Could not find required OpenGL entry point ‘GLGetError’! Either your video card is unsupported or your OpenGL driver needs to e updated. Please help, thanks :D.

  2. hi, ihabe an android 4.2.2 tablet and i want to replace it with windows 8.1 the tablet have intel 2 ghz processor , 1gb of ram and 16 gb of internal memory.

  3. acer chromebook 15 cb3-531 how to install windows or linux i already flash the firmware i can boot from flash but it says on windows update bios on linux my hard drive not visible on the partition table only the flash is visible??

  4. I have ASUS UX305F PC. I think its motherboard is bad. BIOS doesn’t see SSD. So I tried to install OS from USB to use it as is. Ubuntu couldn’t find WiFi and I believe that is the same issue as with SSD. So I bought USB WiFi adapter and Ubuntu found it(r8188eu) and works fine. Unfortunately, I don’t want to deal with Linux in any form, so I downloaded image Camd64OS_R57-9202.B-Vanilla.7z and it can’t find this WiFi. Could you please tell me is it possible to make those two to work together and if so then how?

  5. Dear Dave !
    i have update my Acer C720 bios to CoreBoot now i have install windows 8.1 but touchpad is not working and memorey space is also very short . . Kindly can you provide me the way how i can install the GalliumOS through coreboot bios or how i can go back to Seabios ChromeOS. thanks

  6. Hi Dave! I have tried to install windows 10 on a Chromebook, following the instructions in the video where you installed the ROM firmware. I got the firmware but no legacy option was there so I let it go, I didn’t do anything. Now I have boot manager and an option to use shell commands (sudo not recognized). Whenever I try to use the USB drive the screen says that the boot failed and that it is an EFI USB device. I was looking for some help because I was somewhat new with my way around ROM firmware. I would also be comfortable just going back to Chrome OS but from my current position, I cant browse the web. I was hoping for windows but I only need to browse the web. I hope that you can get in touch with me via Skype or another way. My email is [email protected].
    Please write back at your earliest convenience by email.

  7. Hi Dave! I love your explanations. The memory column in my Chrome Task Manager has the extensions mostly in groups of 3 to 6 per group. I’m not able to end the process for these individual extensions and the memory is listed for the group instead of for each extension alone. Can this situation be changed?
    What are the steps to minimize system crashes and freezes?
    How can I be protected against data mining, hackers and viruses, since I enjoy the extensions and usually trust the authors? Are you protected against google’s monitoring etc?

  8. Hi Dave. Lately I’ve been trying to install custom roms on my galaxy grand duos i9082. I used various custom recoveries to do this, but all of them freeze at “installing the rom” screen and then I remove the battery and put it back again, flash the stock rom back. What I am asking is if there is a way to flash custom roms in my device by connecting it to pc.

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