Chrome OS

Hearthstone on Chromebook

Hearthstone on Chromebook is a very popular game which I coincidentally don't play. However, I do spend quite a lot of time on my Chromebook and love seeing

League on Chromebook

League on Chromebook have received many requests to do a video of League on Chromebook. Well, it shouldn't be too surprising that it works. All it takes

Android Tutorials

Use Android as Second Monitor more than one monitor is useful for any power user (porn on one, games on another). So it's possible to use an android device as


Wake On Lan

Remotely Turn on Computer with Linux really wish more people used WOL. It is probably one of the most underrated things in the world of wired networking. If you aren't

How to Install Linux that you are familiar with Linux, how do you go about installing it? Well, the beauty of Linux is that there are many different